Feed For Hunger

Be Supportive !! Be Helpful !! Be Kind !!

Your just only Rs. 10 Donation can make happy to Hungry People !!!
Firstly, thank you from my heart to agree to read this.
I hope you and your family are safe from Covid -19 !!
Our desires are like water, they always keep on flowing, we desire good food, television, new smart phone, clothes and etc., and we get most of it.
But do you know there are so many people of them who are not even able to get 2 meals a day?
Sharing is caring and caring is Divine, I want to deliver 2 meals to poor people living in slums and to homeless beggars in Madhyapradesh.

I want to share a smile, you can help me to do it.
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Please Support !! Let's fight with Coronavirus Together !! Let's start doing our own way !!

 Why we need funding?

Presently due to COVID-19 many people are finding it hard to get a regular income, whether an employee or a businessman every one is struggling.
so just think about the poor people who were already in their worst condition and now it will be much worst due to the global financial and economical meltdown caused by COVID-19.
In urgent times like these, when there is a huge lack of facilities for the ever-growing COVID-19 patients and the underprivileged.
My friends, we have decided to take initiative and start a fundraiser for Funds For affected Poor families food & medicines.

 Many poor people are striving to get 2 meals a day, for which I urge you to donate to us so that we can provide food to the needy.

 What are we doing?

Our team is distributing Food & drinking water since April 2020 in various locations of Madhyapradesh to COVID-19 patients family and underprivileged people. we started this activity by giving Food & water to migrants at the Highways who were coming from other states during this pandemic and they left their current city due to COVID-19.

 Our Planning:

We wish to raise funds after which we will buy raw food items, groceries and etc.
Then we will cook and pack the food, which will be then delivered to the poor people living in slums or to homeless beggars in various cities of Madhyapradesh.
We Promise :
1. 100% of your donations will go to helping Poor & Migrant people in need. And also we will update every task on a daily basis
2. 80% of your donations will be used for food for Poor and Homeless People.
3. The remaining 20% will be invested in purchasing Medical Equipment and supplying oxygen cylinders to Poor & needy patients.

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Even if you contribute a small amount it can go miles to help save a life.
All the funds raised will directly go to poor people in Madhyapradesh & funds will be spent on Supply Food medicines for poor and Hungry people.
Thankyou So much...